26 Bloggers, 21 Countries, 16 Days

Trip Of A Lifetime

Participants Selected For Trip One

Trip One begins on March 21, 2019. Trip two will be announced later.

Your Ticket to a Trip of a Lifetime.

We welcome you again. Come, daydream on the many tropical beaches, laze on our sprawling hills, learn to climb a coconut palm, hike your way to serenity, wake up to the scent of cardamom and cloves, take in glorious sunsets, walk aimlessly through stunning paddy fields and live life as it was meant to be. The sixth year in a row, we are leaving our doors ajar, and for the first time ever, we are organizing two trips back to back, one catering the International bloggers and another version exclusive to bloggers residing in India. Whichever nook of the world you belong to, here is your chance for an authentic Kerala Experience. At Kerala Blog Express, the journey is as riveting as the destination.

Welcome to god’s own country

The KBE Story

Every year, 30 chosen bloggers & social media influencers board a luxury bus that takes them on a two-week road trip across God’s Own Country. Organized by the Department of Tourism, Kerala Blog Express provides a handful of international bloggers a unique platform to experience Kerala in full bloom. The itinerary is arduously planned to highlight the myriad experiences and exhaustive range of activities that a small tropical state like Kerala has on offer.

Experiences and Epiphanies

Perhaps you would like to see our world through the eyes of a brilliant blogger? Here we have handpicked a few articles that would best explain the many distinct traits of Kerala Blog Express. Read accounts of memorable jaunts, breathtaking surprises and the many everyday epiphanies that the bloggers had during this riveting journey.

Curated and Comprehensive

Kerala Blog Express has something in store for every kind of traveller. Experiences here vary vastly from one other - a bustling Thrissur Pooram, a peaceful stroll amidst the paddy fields, a poignant getaway at the colonial haven that is Fort Kochi, an arduous trek to the enthralling peak of Anamudi, a religious jaunt at the world’s first mosque. Read more to find out how the state elevates village life scenes and transforms wellness into an everyday ritual and helps art break the confines of galleries.

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